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Pay Per Click Advertising

Without overspending on the marketing budget, PPC is rated as a sure-fire way of maximizing online reach amongst targeted audiences and high traffic in a specified time. Getting instant exposure on major search engines is easy by choosing the right pay-per-click packages designed exclusively keeping your business goals and requirements into consideration. As a leading PPC agency in Singapore, we are ready to give your website instant traffic and exposure on the first page of major search engines like Google and Bing. Are you ready to partner with us

PPC & Its Benefits to Business

As it sounds, PPC is paying only when someone clicks your advertisement. It is quite different from traditional ads. In traditional ads, business needs to pay money at the time of launch regardless of results whereas in PPC, a business pays only when it gets the genuine leads. Pay-per-click advertising forms a vital part of the social media marketing strategy and paid marketing flawlessly complements the SEO campaigns. It is one of the most economical ways to increase organic traffic and sales of your online business. At Neurons IT, we are ready to design a customized social media marketing campaigns for your business that will increase your business ROI manifold in 90-days windows only. As a reliable social media agency, Singapore, we are even ready to give your existing PPC campaign a new lease of life with our creative ideas.

Benefits with Neurons IT

In the past decade, Neurons IT has earned the reputation of the most popular pay-per-click internet marketing agency, Singapore due to the following advantages.

  • Turnkey Solution Provider- We take the complete onus of writing, designing, testing and tracking pay per click ads till the time we get the quality leads and sales. We help our clients in taking the right decision regarding keyword selection, when ads should run and on which platform, the right price to bid per keyword, etc
  • Flexible Budget Policy: One-size-fit-all approach can never satisfy the requirements of different scales and verticals of businesses. This is the main reason our pricing policy is flexible and customizable as our social media marketing campaigns. We are offering PPC services under various packages. If any business is unable to find any package suiting to its requirements, feel free to speak with us. We are ready to create a customized package for you!
  • Complete Transparency- We always believe in taking feedbacks from our client base before and after the implementation of PPC campaigns. In this manner, they will remain in loop and well-aware about all activities we are doing and about to do as a part of our PPC campaign. Conducting business with complete transparency helps us in achieving an indisputable position as a leading PPC agency in Singapore.
  • Serving Everybody with Respect: With our effective and time-bound PPC campaigns, we give business exposure and increase brand awareness in the online marketplace. It is not hard to guess that when a business approaches us, it is struggling for its brand creation and lead generation. We help them in this journey regardless of the fact it is a start-up or five-year-old company and overcome every hurdle with our pragmatic approach.